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Canary Notes
Design hints for the Canary Derby race in BC, Canada
International Human Powered Vehicle Association
recumbent bicycles, human powered aircraft, boats and submarines
GizMag: The billycart goes (WAY) upmarket!
The top car makers get into serious trolley building
Kiwi HPV
Kiwis with a common interest in making and using human powered vehicles
Speed101 - Explore Concepts of Speed
News and insights on arguably the most efficient land vehicles on earth - speedbikes
Billy carts in Baan Buak Jan
Must be seen to be believed - completely wooden trolleys in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand!

Events in Nelson

It's On: the Nelson Events Calendar
List and promote your Nelson Tasman events
Check the event schedule to avoid event clashes
Read the How-To Guide for events in the Nelson Tasman region
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