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The Heart of Gold - TATLTUAEThe Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything Trolley Number 42

v2.0 - 2010 ~ 2011

The Heart of Gold v2.0
the Sub Ether Net
Built on one of the three chassis designed and assembled by Gordon, Bruce and Turhan for the winning entries in the Kids Design Challenge, Louis second trolley was dubbed The Heart of Gold v2.0 - the Sub Ether Net


Louis entered in the Nippers grade, winning the silver medal

Three months later, on the then soon-to-be-finished Ruby Bay Bypass he was clocked by police laser at a rather pedestrian 30km/h

Some work remains to be done on the bearings...

And the wheels...

And the lycra cladding...

v1.0 - 2006 ~ 2009

Pic of Louis at the wheel - 2008
Louis at the wheel - 2008
Louis' entered his first derby in 2006 in a trolley inspired by Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the five-part trilogy featuring the Heart of Gold, which was a "brand new state of the art spaceship, stolen at its unveiling on the planet Damogran by Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox"

At its core, it was equipped by the Infinite Improbability Drive, made of solid gold - hence the name The Heart of Gold, which was (originally) 150m long (a rather impractical aspect to emulate), perfectly white (again, not the easisest feature to reproduce... especially if 'white' equates to 'reflecting all light'), and shaped like a sleek running shoe (something relatively more feasible in a trolley)

Pic of Louis at the wheel - 2007
Louis in #42 - 2007
Thanks to Sam, Graham, Gordon and Tim for help with the running gear


Although the 2009 deby was a bit of a wash-out (weather wise), that didn't stop Team Heart of Gold

Won the Nippers section of the inaugural Kids' Design Challenge, with his Yellow and Blue Submarine
Had a couple of rather fast grudge races in the persistent rain
Had a momentary lapse of reason that resulted in a rather stoopid crash and some equally dumb injuries


Maneka on the brakes: 2006
Two winning runs in the Nippers heats and a Silver Medal in the Finals


5th place in the Nippers Finals


For Louis' first derby, he shared the driving with his best friend Caleb

As both boys were only 2 years and 5 months old, their brakes were operated by Maneka and Daryl - who used a bit of rope and a bungee (an old bike tyre) attached to the steering wheel to ensure the boys didn't go too fast or too far off-line