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Results: 2006

The 2006 Collingwood Street Fresh Choice Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 26 January

89 drivers registered to compete in 69 trolleys

Style Meisters Trolley Drivers  
1st equal 1936 Auto Union
1925 Bugatti
Brian (Rosemeyer) Smith
Sharon (The Bugatti Queen) Smith
Nippers Trolley Drivers  
1st Coffin Splutter Jordan Pine  
2nd Igor Crusoe Jones  
3rd Sponge Bob Racer Max Puklowski  
4th Speedy Snake Alex Erickson  
5th Fire Bolt Eliza Harris  
6th Trymatic Luke Rowberry  
Zoomers Trolley Drivers Time
1st Mercedes Benz W196 Matti Cook 37.96
2nd Ferrari 156 Angie Clapperton 38.49
3rd Silver Bullet Harry Kelly-Tait 38.93
4th Da Shizzle Bradley Clement 39.46
5th Speedy Snake Jake Rowberry 40.53
6th ?? ?? 40.53
Sprinters Trolley Drivers Time
1st Quicksilver Cheyne Robinson 36.08
2nd Flaming Hek Angus Rooney 38.34
3rd Daring Devil Daniel Claus 49
4th El Dogoo George Kelly-Tait 61.59
5th Igor Shane Bowman 66.99
finished by running El Speedo! Tommas Kelly-Tait - running! 66.99
Rockets Trolley Drivers Time
1st RedRak Racer II Tim Bayley 32.35
2nd Blue Bullet Lincoln McKenzie 32.79
3rd Purple Trolley Eater Sam Laidlaw 33.83
4th Team Buoy Racers David Puklowski 34.45
5th Silver Ghost David Lewis 35.1
6th Gravitysux MkIV Carl Mead 35.81
Monarchs Trolley Drivers Time
1st Blue Bullet Lincoln MacKenzie 24.76
2nd Team R&R Sport Velo3 James McLeod 24.89
3rd LiquidFire Craig Lines 24.94
4th RedRak Racer II Tim Bayley 24.96
5th Team Buoy Racers David Puklowski 25.14
6th Silver Ghost David Lewis 25.4
7th Quicksilver Cheyne Robinson 25.78
8th Fire Escape Sam Fazackerley 26.13
9th Purple Trolley Eater Sam Laidlaw 26.14
10th Silver Surfer II Dave Hockey 26.76
11th Gravitysux MkIV Gene Kennedy 26.97
12th 1925 Bugatti Sharon Smith 27.35
13th Flaming Hek Norman Pegg 27.55
14th Igor Peter Jones 27.81
15th Worlds Fastest Cartridge Greg Waddington 28.25
16th The Holy Roller Aidan Swafford 28.25
17th 1936 Auto Union Brian Smith 28.32
18th Beetlebomb Danny Beattie 30.67
19th Coffin Splutter Slade Andrew 31.08
20th Gravity Cheater Shane Clement 31.11
21st Foodstuffs Fiesty Fiery Foxes Kirsten Bromley 35.25

Police were unable to attend to record speeds in the Monarch of the Hill, so the winners were decided on times recorded over the speediest section of the track.